Q & A

  • Does uBuilder API using the same syntax/library as Javascript ?

uBuilder API use javascript-like syntax, which is NOT exactly the same as javascript. For instance, there is no document object or windows object in uBuilder API.

  • How to load my 3D scene into API developing UI?

In uBuilder API online development page, input your scene ID, then click “NEW” button.

  • How to associate my API scripts to existing scene ?

Locate your scene in Momoda, click [Configure], then paste script source code into popup text box.

  • Why I cannot play animation on custom object ?

Object animation is created during the model process, so object do not support play animation function if it do not associate any animation during the model process.

  • Why browser do not response during API debugging?

uBuilder API debugging requires 3D scene, which is resource consuming. Open more than one scenes at the same may slow the computer or even crash your browser. it is recommended that simultaneously opened 3D scene is less than 3.

  • Why some object do not response to click event?

While creating the scene, make sure to “selectable” checkbox is in checked status in object property settings.